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We integrate Climate and Development

To establish trees planting institutions to support and contribute on restoration of vegetation

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We provide Access to Quality Education for young generation and land utilization

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We offer credit facilities to environmental restoration businesses

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All 54 African countries share views of overcoming climate changes

African Climate Change Action Conference
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Equatorial Environmental Action Support (EQEAS) is a local non‐governmental, non‐profit making, non-denominational, charitable organization founded and registered under laws of Uganda.
Besides being registered with Government of Uganda, this Organization also procures to be registered and recognized in any other states and or by any foreign Country or place in Africa and overseas governments.
EQEAS is governed according to its Constitution, Articles and Memorandum of Association. It has a Membership of 54 countries from Africa and an Executive Board team composed of 11 people chaired by an Executive Board Chairperson. It has a secretariat consisting currently of full‐time paid employees (71) as well as volunteers (over 130) headed by the Executive Director.

The main goal of this organization is to support on reduction of climate change effects to attain better standards of living and prosperity for rural poor people.


Climate change may push over 130 million into poverty by 2030 and cause over 200 million people to migrate within their own countries by 2050. (World Bank Analysis)
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In response to an increasing impact of climate change on development and security issues, EQEAS is working closely with governments to help build green and climate-resilient societies. Food and Agriculture sector for African to cooperate with a view to promote meaningful, result-oriented and effective international cooperation in support of action on climate change education, training, public awareness, public participation and avail information to public.
EQEAS activities will continue to support and improve the understanding of climate and land management change impacts on the natural and socio-economic environment within African. EQEAS support will provide scientifically sound knowledge for improving national, regional and international efforts to address adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Latest Projects

EQEAS addresses various geographic challenges and researches in five Priority Areas.

Environment facilities in the Countries

Water Safekeeping

Nutrition Safety

Cutting down and ruin of forests

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