Achievements; EQEAS with support from Board of Governor members and community contributions has been providing comprehensive OVC and women support.

To over 7600 girls and women in Uganda. This is also currently providing skills training services with local companies in Uganda. It has strengthened African economy through training of educated and uneducated women in craft making, tailoring, bakery, African wear, designing. As well has recently trained women and girls in craft making and tailoring and provides them with all the equipment.

And materials after completion of training, but more still skill trainings are needed for most African countries.

EQEAS implements operational research on poverty eradication, specifically skilling.

And other community Linkage strategies to care using evidence based approaches and new environmental technology.

With support from community contributions in Uganda applies the use of skilled and experienced personnel in enrolling.

Therefore it is among organizations that pioneer and pilot climate change vulnerable communities in skilling hence eliminating poverty in African. countries.


The competencies have demonstrated in facilitating access to and sustainability of better-skilled programs.

Organisation services at the community level through designing and implementing relevant environmentally friendly programs geared towards prevention control of unemployment.
Eradication of poverty or mitigation of rural household
Even including the orphans, vulnerable women, young girls, operational research, community skilling, and programs.
EQEAS does all this by working with like-minded international and local partners with public, private, and civil society throught the application of basic principles of public and private partnerships in Africa.