Agriculture Projects

In response to the increasing impact of climate change on development and security issues, EQEAS is working closely with governments to help build green and climate-resilient societies. Food and Agriculture sector for Africa to cooperate to promote meaningful, result-oriented, and effective international cooperation in support of action on climate change education, training, public awareness, public participation, and avail information to the public.

EQEAS addresses various geographic challenges and research in five Priority Areas.

  • Environment facilities in the countries.
  • Cutting down and ruining forests.
  • Nutrition safety.
  • Water safekeeping.
  • Decreasing and endangered biodiversity.

These activities will continue to support and improve the understanding of climate and land management change impacts on the natural and socio-economic environment across in Africa. The organization support will provide scientifically sound knowledge for improving national, regional, and international efforts to address adaptation and mitigation strategies.



The innovators also diverted their minds to dealing in fish farming, where climate change problems impacted fishing businesses, as water seems to be hunted away by cultivators.

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EQEAS management has seen an important role of planting trees along coastal areas around the continent of Africa be a fundamental idea, since

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Poultry Farming contributes to improved human nutrition and food security by being a leading source of high-quality protein in the form of eggs and meat.

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A project to improve and upgrade the manufacturing, processing and marketing of honey has opened up the beekeeping market

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The aim of the project is to develop climate smart cattle farming systems reducing ammonia emissions while maintaining the social-economic outlook of the farm business.

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Many people have benefited from this value chain. See how other farmers who went into the piggery business have gained more income and transformed their lives

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