How EQEAS help communities to develop?

To advocate for enabling environment restoration, strive for action support for a sustainable natural resources management, ensure food security for African communities through empowerment and policy engagement

How can you support the Organisation?

The easiest and the fastest way of contributing something good to the society is by donating funds to an NGO. Not just funds, these days, NGOs are also open to donations involving educational material, food items, used clothes, shoes, etc. NGOs are capable of changing the face of the earth by saving children as well as their families from extreme poverty, hunger, illiteracy and even death.

Starting a career in EQEAS Organisation

No matter what your professional profile is like, it is very easy to contribute an NGO with any amount of your skills. Every person is capable of establishing an enriching career with an NGO and see how thousands of people are getting positively affected by his/her contribution and sincere efforts.


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