We provide Access to Quality Education for young generation and land utilization by public and make them aware of impacts of climate change, Also to lobby from governments and legislators to create favorable policies for development of poor Africans particularly.We promote and encourage the girl child education, create awareness of its significances and fight early girl marriages with an intention to support environment.


We assist students with books and 50 to 100% of fees as per students’ financial needs and funding availability. However, we will specify each year’s eligibility and terms of reference. In order to be considered, you must prove financial need and must be making satisfactory academic progress. Apparently, not everyone who qualifies will receive a bursary/scholarship because of limited funding. It is a standing policy that you attach all supporting documents including copies of your previous and current academic documents/reports. Download the Scholarship_Form 

Step 1: Download this form.

Step 2: Fill out the form

Step 3: Scan the document.

Step 4: Send the form to  – info@eqeas.org   or  education@eqeas.org

Education Eqeas